Livre Blanc des technologies du Québec

Industry mobilization
Livre Blanc des technologies du Québec
November 12, 2020
Quebec’s technology industry is a source of pride that should be cultivated and considered as a flagship industry for Quebec. For this to happen, the government must give the Technology industry the focus it deserves.

Numana led and mobilized Quebec’s technology industry in its initiative to create a white paper that would unite our industry’s numerous ambitions under a single vision. It represents a public consultation process with over 450 technology companies and organizations to help them define the industry’s needs and offer concrete solutions to influence the development of unique large-scale transformation strategy.

It’s vital that we rally around a single industrial policy and a common vision to support our industry on the international stage.

The mobilizing process for the white paper took place in three key stages to make sure the entire industry was included in the discussion:

The two-step consultation process led to five areas of recommendations and a white paper that presents and analyzes the technology industry’s major challenges and priorities. The white paper was released in November 2019, with the following main recommendations:

If you wish to download the entire study on the Quebec White Paper of Technology, click the link below :

Numana would particularly like to thank the following industry partners for their tremendous contribution to the project, having formed a steering committee that offered guidance throughout the process:

  • The Québec Technology Association (AQT)
  • The Montreal Computer Science Center (CRIM)
  • The Quebec Movement of Innovation Accelerators (MAIN)
  • TECHNOCompétences

The cluster would also like to thank these and all the other public, private, and institutional partners that shared their expertise and whose financial and technical support made the white paper possible:

  • The Quebec Association of Independent Computer Programmers
  • Hello Montreal startup
  • Action-IT Network
Conscio Alliance
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