Quantum communications

Quantum communications
September 08, 2022
Quantum ecosystem activation - developement, adoption and kickstarting

This committee aims to stimulate the adoption of quantum technologies by relying on the leadership of strong industrial pillars of the Quebec economy, to foster the creation of Quebec companies that will be able to position themselves as leaders in their sector of activity and to attract international leaders to invest in Quebec. In the long term, the project aims to contribute to the strategy and development of a strong quantum technology ecosystem in Quebec while supporting advances in fundamental research in the field and the training of highly qualified resources.

To this end, Numana has developed a ‘Quantum Technology Strategy Proposal’ for Quebec that you can download here.

The main objectives of this study are :

  • Make Quebec a global player in quantum technologies in strategic niches
  • Increase the use of quantum solutions in strong sectors of the economy
  • Develop the ecosystem around industrial champions in one or two economic sectors
  • Develop cutting-edge products and services
  • Support the growth of the ecosystem

Since June 2022, Numana is pleased to inform you of the success of its first objective: the investment in a quantum communications infrastructure. This service development aims to implement networks open to industry and researchers. In collaboration with the Sherbrooke Quantum Innovation Zone, the first “open” quantum telecommunications network will be launched in early fall 2022. Initially deployed in Sherbrooke, the network is expected to expand to Montreal and Quebec City and eventually be linked together to form one of the world’s first and largest industrial-grade quantum communications networks.
The first phase of the project is supported by a $2.5 million financial contribution from the Quebec Ministry of Economy and Innovation. Numana also counts Bell as a partner in this innovative project.

For more information – Numana announces the launch of an “open” quantum telecommunications network

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