We are Numana

We catalyze innovative ecosystems that create more value for the technology industry and Quebec.

TechnoMontréal is becoming Numana

We’ve created a new name to better communicate who we are and where we’re going: Numana.

The name Numana is optimistic, technological and people-centred; it’s focused on the future. It epitomizes our desire to develop new technologies for the people of tomorrow.

At Numana, we’re a catalyst for technological ecosystems. With our partners, we bring innovative people together to create more value for the technology industry and for Quebec as a whole.

Numana brings technology players together around industry-led, growth-generating projects.
Founded in 2007, Numana is a non-profit organization that makes significant contributions to economic and social vitality by bringing stakeholders from the private, institutional and public technology sectors together around common goals and joint initiatives.
We contribute to value creation and foster innovation by building bridges between various industry players. To this end, we implement a vertical market approach to technology development in partnership with industry leaders and clients.
Our vision
To make technological innovation a collective resource.
Our aim is to increase the impact of technologies to transform each strategic market for the Quebec of the future.
Our mission
To accelerate the innovations of today to generate technologies for the people of tomorrow.

Our promise

To catalyze innovative ecosystems that create more value for the technology industry and Quebec.

How will we fulfil this promise?
With our leadership and innovation:

We identify challenges. We analyze data and predict future needs. Thanks to our Think Tank, our team, our industrial and academic members and our partners, we play a leading role in innovation. We produce a variety of relevant documents, including studies, reports and white papers. That’s our visionary side.

With our project office:

Companies and government bodies come to us to solve specific problems. We’re a single point of accountability. We develop and oversee growth-generating projects that have major social and economic value. That’s our practical side.

With our mobilizing and collaborative efforts:

We build strategic innovation ecosystems. We accelerate their creation, facilitate them and ensure their growth. We’re a gathering point for companies and organizations in the Quebec technology industry. We appeal to both talented people and the technology industry. That’s our unifying side.

With our promotional and advocacy work:

We have about a hundred members and partners. They include technology companies, universities, research centres and other innovative organizations. We are a representational voice in the development of public policy. We actively promote the industry. That’s our promotional side.

Our team

Executive team
François Borrelli – Chief Executive Officer
Sylvie Thifault – Finance and Administration Director
Florian Saugues – Project director
Pascal Beauchesne - Advisor, Impact development
Jacques Mcneill
Advisor, sustainable technology
Claude Trépanier
Business development advisor
Cynthia Saber
Marketing coordinator

Board of directors

Serge Beaudoin

Sherbrooke University,
Director of Business Partnerships

David Bertrand

President, Co-founder

François Bertrand

Polytechnique Montreal,
Professor, Chemical Engineering

France Bigras

Concordia University,
Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer

François Borrelli

Chief Executive Officer

Antoni Cormier


Charles Despins

Professor, Electrical Engineering

Marc Fortin

Sales Consulting, Public Sector Technology Canada

Sylvain Giguère

Chief Economist and Director of Metropolitan Economic Development

Stéphane Godbout

Executive Director

Christine Guyot

Microsoft Canada,
Director, Corporate Affairs

Éric Larochelle

Larochelle Groupe conseil,
President, Co-founder

Shibl Mourad

North America Research Engineering Lead at Google DeepMind

Sophie Marin


Jean-Philippe Paradis

Bell Media,
Vice President

René Poirier

Canada Industry,
Senior Advisor and Economist, Innovation Strategy and Policy Sector

Stéphane Rouleau

CEO, Chief Executive Officer

Maximilien Roy

Senior Manager, Public Policy

Benoit Simard

President – GoCo

Sylvain Simard

Advisor, ICT Management

Sylvie Thifault

Financial Director

Roch Tremblay

Director of Operations

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