Pop-up Ecosystems – Expert conversation about cities in the future

Feb 25, 2021

Past Event

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Past Event
Date and Time
Feb 25, 2021
08:00 – 09:30
Zoom webinar
The crisis we are living through nowadays and all the challenges that we will have to collectively overcome cannot be compared to any other event in a hundred years. It touches every aspects of our society, we have to show carefulness, resilience, flexibility, and bravery to adapt to it and find the best solutions.

This is the new normal that many country are living through, massively impacted by a socio-sanitary crisis generating socio-economic instability.

And through it all we can see a collective realisation about the population challenge: How do we want cities / territories to look like tomorrow?

We are inviting you to a conversation between experts on the topic of the post-COVID19 city on Thursday, February 25th. This webinar will be part of the Pop up ecosystems serie in partnership with ECH Alliance.

This webinar will be given in english.

The experts for this conversation will be:

  • Catherine Morency, Titulaire de la Chaire de recherche du Canada sur la Mobilité des personnes et Titulaire de la Chaire Mobilité (durabilité en transport) Polytechnique de Montréal
  • Marc Pineault, Plakett Services Cliniques
  • Annie Martin, Agence spatiale canadienne (“Health Beyond”)
  • Martin Enault, Entrepreneur, Executive and Mental Health Ambassador
  • Mireille Jean, TRIONIQ
  • Gabrielle Anctil, Radio-Canada / CBC

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