Quantum Webinars – In optics, everything is quantum physics with Stéphane Virally

Oct 28, 2020

Past Event

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Past Event
Date and Time
Oct 28, 2020
11:00 – 12:00
Zoom webinar
Second webinar of our serie on quantum technologies, Stéphane Virally, research associate in the physics engineering department at Polytechnique Montreal will show you how optics and quantum physics have always been linked and potential applications of these concepts.

In 1687 (!), Huygens interprets light as composed of small waves spreading from one point to the other and exploring the whole space.

Although mathematically incorrect, the Huygens principle introduced the wave-like and delocalised features of light. Later, de Broglie found inspiration in these features of light to form the hypothesis that matter shared the same wave-like features.

Today, these notions are at the center of every quantum fields theories.

We will show through various examples that optics has always been quantum physics, and that it is an amazing field of experimentation to explore the quantum world.

Webinar in french.

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