The Numana circles

Transforming the management of mental health questions in your company
The Numana circles
May 05, 2022
The COVID-19 pandemics underlined multiple global health challenges in our society. While we started working remotely, questions regarding isolation and work-life balance have been raised in the past few months.

This is why we want to equip the leaders of the technology industry in Quebec in order to help them navigate this new reality. The fifth industrial revolution will revolve around human beings and will ask an important question: “What is a mindful leadership?”

The Numana circles is a professionnal support programme which will take the form of a learning circle co-created by Numana and Mangrove. This circle will allow you to explore the new realities on the topic of leadership and economic, social, family and mental health challenges to gain the tools to succeed the transformation of your organization.

Each cohort will include 8 to 12 technology leaders from all over Quebec and will last 8 weeks. Each week, a new theme will be explored with an expert on the matter. The activity and interaction will be eased by members of the team.

Each session will be animated by David GobeilFounder and General Manager at Mangrove and Pascal Beauchesne, Advisor, impact development at Numana 

These are the themes that will be discussed during the sessions:

  • Work-life balance
  • Working remotely – Advantages and challenges
  • New forms of leadership (Mindful leadership)
  • New team building strategies (Employer brand)
  • Time and priorities management
  • Global health vs mental health
  • Giving purpose to your organization culture
  • New company KPIs (BCorp, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec)

Our experts :

  • Martin Enault – Entrepreneur ans mental health ambassador in Quebec
  • Geneviève Provencher – MyFlow
  • Chloé Frelson – Urelles
  • Emmanuel Bochu – Organisationnal management expert
  • Janine Hopkinson – Mindful leadership coach 
  • Lauren Jane Heller – Focus Hub
  • Dr Mario Messier – Groupe Entreprises en santé
  • Dr Pierrich Plusquellec – EmoScienS
  • Julie Nadon – Coach en agilité comportementale et intelligence émotionnelle
Target audience
Technology entrepreneurs and leaders

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